Scripture: Read Colossians 1:9-14 carefully several times.

Paul and Timothy have heard of our experiencing “the grace of God in truth,” and now they are praying for us. It’s easy to lose the impact of their prayer because Paul heaps on the words. It’s almost like he writes the way we sometimes pray: words piled up. Look again carefully asking, In this prayer what is his main point?

The will of God. Not just that you know the will of God but that you “be filled with the knowledge of His will” (Col 1:9). In these few words Paul wants to place this “secret to life” in your heart. I believe he is desiring to transfer his encounter with the risen Christ into your whole being so that you, like him, will live for the will of God. How does that sound?

We often find ourselves asking, “What does he want?” “What does she want?” “What do I want?” Paul is praying for us to ask, “What does God want in this situation?” Start with God, and it’s amazing what happens.

Recently listening to a man pour out his heart in a divorce situation, I could hear the voices swarming like angry bees around his head. I found myself saying over and over, “Ask the right question: What is God’s will?” Sometimes it’s more clear when you listen to someone else’s life than to your own.

Reread Colossians 1:9-14. 

How does your being filled with the knowledge of His will lead you into the rest of Paul’s prayer? 



List the things Paul is praying into your life:

  1. _____________________________   
  2. _____________________________   
  3. _____________________________   
  4. _____________________________   
  5. _____________________________   
  6. _____________________________   
  7. _____________________________   
  8. _____________________________   
  9. _____________________________   
  10. _____________________________


  • Slowly pray-read Paul’s prayer for your own life.
  • If Paul had been physically present with these Colossians, he would have been laying on hands while he prayed for them. Let the Spirit of God breathe these words into you