Colossians: Finding God’s Heart for His People

Scripture: Ask the Holy Spirit to open up to you Colossians 1:1-14.

Watch Paul (really the Holy Spirit) speak vision over your life: “To the set-apart-ones and faithful…. We heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and of the love…. The hope laid up for you in heaven…. Being pleasing to Him, bearing fruit in every good work…. Qualified to share in the inheritance…. Delivered from the domain of darkness…. Transferred into the kingdom of His beloved Son….”

Yes, there are things we need to pay attention to, things we want to learn, places in which we need to grow—but first, vision. Let Paul be a spiritual father to you, even as he was to Epaphras. Feel how valuable you are to Paul. Remember he had not met these people either, but they were receiving the heart of a spiritual father. And you can also.

The more you experience God’s Father-heart for you, the more you will grow, and the more His heart will flow out of you to others. 

These people were facing real problems, dangerous traps. Like us, the world and the culture around them was dark. The cool people, the status people, were into believing they could control life by placating the spiritual powers. So Paul had his work cut out for him—but first, vision. 

Knowing the reality of being God’s son or God’s daughter sets you apart. This is your identity. This is who you truly are. 

Thought Questions:

Read back through Col. 1:1-14 and answer these questions.

1. What things have been given to me? _________________________________________________



2. What do these verses tell me about who I am? _________________________________________



Prayer Time:

  • Spend some moments giving thanks to God for speaking His vision over your life.
  • Join Paul’s prayer by receiving God’s will in your life.
  • Take your identity in Christ so as to abide in Him.
  • Ask Jesus to give you spiritual influence on people around you.