Scripture: Meditation means to slowly chew God’s words. Read Colossians 1:15-28.

Paul is being a spiritual father to you and me. He wants us to know who this amazing Christ really is, and as you study these truths, you can feel the sense of wonder growing in you. It’s more than information. There’s just something about exploring who Christ is that makes us feel like we are coming home. And indeed we are. He is our home. Our place is in Him.

As I read and reread these truths about Christ, I see why Paul was continually praying for us to have more and more “revelation in the experiential knowledge of Him” (Eph. 1:17).

People often speak of Jesus as a great man or a wonderful teacher, but who would know that He is the Creator of everything that exists? Who would know that “in Him all things hold together?” Our expanding universe requires a steady supply of energy coming from somewhere, but it turns out to be coming from Someone. He is still creating.

What if the supremacy of Christ, the pre-eminence of Christ, the combined reality of His God-ness and His Man-ness were to flood your soul? How might such Holy Spirit revelations affect your life? I think this is exactly what Paul prays will happen to you.

For me the word “wonder” comes to mind. Reverence. Faith. Worship. Adoration. 

Thought Questions:

1. Why do you think Paul wrote these words about Christ? 



2. How can you give these words about Christ more room in your mind/heart? 



Prayer Time:

  • Jesus said, “I live by every word that proceeds from the Father’s mouth.” Ask the Holy Spirit to put these words about Christ into your soul.
  • Spend some moments confessing out loud (if possible) some of these truths about Christ.
  • Confess Christ as the Head of your church and pray for fresh revelation of Who He is to flood your city.