Scripture: Read carefully Colossians 1:24-29. (I recommend the ASV or the ESV.)

What did Christ suffer to produce? The Church. The Church that He describes as His very body. So here we see Paul willing to do whatever it takes to secure Christ’s Church.

Our translations call Paul “a minister,” which brings to mind his role as a pastor, teacher, and apostle. Yes, he was all of these things, but in his heart he was a “ servant.” The Greek here means “servant,” and that is exactly how Jesus described Himself: a servant. We also are at our best when we see ourselves as servants.

I can almost see Paul laying hands on us and speaking over us, Christ has called you to be a servant in His kingdom, and He is giving you a sacred stewardship to use all that has been entrusted to you for His glory.

We each have different roles in His body, the Church, but the translators of today often interject our modern paradigms: thus the word “minister” instead of “servant.” Here is another example: the Greek says that Paul’s stewardship is to “fulfill the word of God.” The translators think this means his preaching...but it doesn’t. It could include preaching, but it refers to praying, serving, loving, living out the word of God. It is “the word of truth, the gospel” that is bearing fruit in Colossians 1:5-6.

Everything you see in Paul’s life can be applied to you. You are a servant. You have a sacred stewardship. You are involved in fulfilling the word of God. Exciting!

Thought Questions:

Search this passage and see how many ways you can identify with Paul’s calling. This one exercise might amaze you. Number them. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Prayer Time:

  • Invite the Holy Spirit to help you receive His impartation.

  • Invite the Lord Jesus to fill you with each thing you have numbered as something common between you and Paul.

  • Pray for your lost friends to receive revelation of Jesus.