Scripture: Read Colossians 2:6-23.

Paul has, in one verse, practically summed up how to succeed in following Christ: “Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving” (Col. 2:6).

All I can say is that Epaphras must have done an incredible job if he taught them how to so live with Christ and draw from Him that they were growing in their faith and living a life of thanks-giving. Of course, Paul was the one who discipled Epaphras, and it is my prayer that you may be an “Epaphras” to someone yourself. The best way to learn is to teach someone else.

Paul’s admonition to “so walk in Him” is the key. The “in Him” phrase expresses the very heart of the gospel. You have been joined to Jesus Christ the Lord! He lives in you, and you live in Him. You were delivered from being “in Adam” and transferred to being “in Christ.”

However, knowledge alone will not produce the life of thanksgiving that Paul and Epaphras are describing. This is why Paul says, “so walk in Him”; in other words, live every day depending upon the reality of Christ in you, the hope of becoming all that God intended.

Two things: first, I need to feed on Christ every morning in order to live/walk with Him. Secondly, I live into a lifestyle of honoring Him by giving thanks as I move through my day.

Thought Questions:

  1. Would you like to memorize Colossians 2:6? Or maybe re-memorize it. I find that my memory leaks. What part of this verse seems to spark life in you right now? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  2. Do you know someone who might benefit from you reaching out to encourage and share what God is teaching you? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  3. Are you scheduling enough time to feed on Christ yourself? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Prayer Time:

  • Pray the Colossians 2:6 verse and personalize it.

  • Confess your union with Christ.

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to bring thanksgiving into your mind all day long.

  • Ask Jesus to give you someone to assist, encourage, disciple, or mentor.