Grace Kids builds kids lives by helping them become more and more like Christ. 


Early Childhood

By partnering with families during the early years of growth, Grace Kids helps create a foundation for spiritual, emotional, and intellectual development. We create clean-safe environments that meet the developmental needs of each child.  Also, we provide resources for families to support this development. Check out the Parent Que (to the right) that helps you chat about the bible lesson with your kids.


Grace Kids Elementary is a fun-filled, enthusiastic service geared to the specific needs of elementary schools students.  We capture the child’s attention while training them for a lifetime of following Jesus and becoming a part of a spiritual family. It’s amazing!

Kids with Special Needs

We understand that families with children who have special needs may need additional support to experience life at Grace. Therefore, we offer one-on-one buddies for kids with special needs at the 9:30am Sunday Service. To reserve a buddy for your child, we encourage families to:

1)  Fill out this First Time Guest Buddy Request Form (submitting the form 48 hours notice before attending service is helpful in order to coordinate a buddy). After filling out the form you will be e-mailed by your prospective buddy.

2)  Attend the 9:30 service and meet the buddy in the Grace Kids wing. 

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in serving with Grace Kids please fill out the form below.

If you have questions, please contact Adam Dawson, the Family Life Pastor. His email is: