International Partnerships

Our strategy for reaching the world is to partner with people and organizations world wide who are already demonstrating successful projects and programs and help them do more. We ask partners "what were you not able to do last year, that you would love to do this year". Over a million dollars have flowed through Grace Church to our ministry partners. 


Bull Rush Baby Home

God has a huge heart for the orphaned and abandoned and so does Maria Sell. Maria operates a small baby home in China called the Bulrush Baby Home, where special needs children who have been abandoned can be loved, cared for, and given a chance until they are adopted. Through the Bulrush Baby Home, children who would have likely died, or been severely hindered in their development receive loving care in a happy environment where they can thrive. We will help Maria to continue to provide this care by sending a small team to care for the children and provide needed upgrades and equipment for the baby home.   


Peter Walker

We will send a short-term team from Grace to support a crusade in Equador where thousands of people will hear the gospel and many will respond to the call to salvation and surrender their lives to Jesus.



PAstor Bernardo Dominguez

Pastor Bernardo Dominguez is truly a pastor of pastors and a key leader in the nation of Cuba. He has started six churches, a training center, and provides mentorship to several pastors. His church is trying to complete construction of a new building that will allow them to grow and increase outreach in their community. Grace will provide funds to help them complete their building as well as send a small team to minister and conduct leadership training to local churches.

The Manilla Family

The Manila’s have been serving the people of Central Asia since 1999. Their work focuses on bringing health, wellness, and a better quality of life to the local community where they live and minister. Their heart to serve the people has opened many doors for relationships and the sharing of the gospel. They have started a Health Education Project in the community as well as a Children at Risk Project that ministers to children in a local orphanage. Grace will be sending funds to help them continue to expand these valuable community projects. These projects will not only meet practical needs, but they will enable the Manila’s to continue to build bridges of friendship with many muslim families in Central Asia.


Yuri and Oxana Semenyuk

Yuri Semenyuk pastors Church of the Christ Savior in Transnistria where he and his wife, Oxana, have served faithfully for seventeen years. They have a passion to see the lost come to know the saving power of Jesus. Through the work of the Church they have seen hundreds of lives changed and families strengthened. They minister to vulnerable families, orphans, drug addicts, alcoholics, businessmen & youth. Much like Grace, they need more space to continue to reach more people for Christ. They are continuing to work on building a Family Life Center, that will allow them to continue to reach more people and build more lives. We want to help them complete this project so they can continue to fulfill the mission that God had given them. They can only build as funds come in, so we will help them take a huge step forward in completing this vital project.

Dr. Dahan Sheref

Dr. Dahan Sheref is literally changing the future of the west African nation Sierra Leone by starting Grace School of Science, a College preparatory School that prepares young men and women for careers in the science, medicine, nursing and engineering. At Grace School of Science, students learn to think for themselves, explore new ideas, and develop leadership ability that will help them succeed in life and become future leaders in the nation. They are also taught biblical truth and confronted with the reality of God’s love while they are learning. We will help Grace School of Science continue to grow so they can influence more future leaders through campus expansion.

Dr. Sheref introducing guest preacher Pst. Steve to Grace church in Bo.JPG

Equip Leadership Event

Leadership development is the key to any sustained move of God. EQUIP Leadership, is a non-profit, global leadership development organization founded by John Maxwell that is committed to radically changing the leadership landscape by developing christian leaders in every nation. This year we will partner with EQUIP once again by sending Pastor Kendrick and Pastor Jerry Daley to Singapore to train a group of over 40 pastors in Singapore. This strategic time of training and impartation will impact the church in Singapore for generations to come.