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Growth Track

The Growth Track is a series of classes made just for you.  They were created to tell you more about the heart of Grace church, show you how to get involved, and build your life.  You can attend these classes in any order.  Dream Team 201 is this Sunday, October 14th at 12:30 in the Garage. At 201 you’ll learn about the amazing people that make up the dream team, find out where you might fit, and how you can make a significant difference. You can sign up for online for 201 by clicking here or at the Guest Services Kiosk. 


Baptism is a significant step in your journey with Jesus. We absolutly love Baptism Sunday, and its coming up soon. If you are new to following Christ and have never been Baptized, or if you have have followed Him for a while but havent taken that next step we want to celebrate with you! Our next Baptism is Sunday, November 18th. To learn more and sign up, visit We have everything you need to make this significant declaration for Jesus.

Child Dedications

Child dedications are a meaningful moment for parents and families. They are a great way to honor the faith of the families, and make public a declaration to raise our kids to follow Jesus. We want to celebrate with you and you family at this precious time. Our next child dedication is Sunday November 25th. If you would like to dedicate your child you can send an email to  

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