Servolution 2018


What is servolution?

We really love to serve our community. Grace Church sets up one of our biggest events to advance the kingdom: SERVOLUTION is a revolution through serving! Each year we create a number of projects to serve our community! This year’s Servolution has been a tremendous success. Together we’ve blessed thousands of people with the love of God in a tangible way.


4th of July Glow-stick Handout

at Kenan Stadium


Every Independence Day at Kenan Stadium, Grace Church gives out glow-sticks as well as participates as one of the sponsors for the event!


Hurricane Florence Relief

In fayetteville, n


Many people were affected by flooding caused by Hurricane Florence. Grace Church partnered with Mana Church in Fayetteville to help restore homes.


Back To School Block Party

at New Hope Elementary


Every year, Grace Church hosts the Back to School Block Party for New Hope Elementary as well as donate school supplies for students and teachers for the upcoming school year.


Water Walk

at festifall


Grace Church partnered with Wells of Life to host a Water Walk at Festifall, where participants had the chance to experience what it’s like to carry water over a short distance. Over 600 people participated and Grace Church was able to donate $5,000 towards the building of a new well.


Habitat for Humanity

With Durham Habitat