Small groups are where the life of Grace really happens. With a wide variety of options you are sure to find the group that is perfect for you.



From the local coffee shop, to social networking sites, Internet gaming, country clubs or sports, we all have an innate desire to belong. Our desire is that everyone would find a small group of people to do life with, so that you would know and be known and love and be loved.  Small groups are the life of Grace Church.


“40 Days of Prayer" is a life-changing six-week spiritual emphasis series. Our Sunday morning messages will sync with a six-week small group experience. All over the Triangle, groups will watch a video message, discuss prayer and spiritual growth and build new relationships.

Together, we will learn how to:

-pray with more confidence and greater faith than ever before.

-pray for breakthroughs

-develop a daily habit of prayer

-trust God as we wait for answers

-pray in times of crisis

Join this powerful movement as we grow in faith and strengthen our prayer lives together.