Small groups are where the life of Grace really happens. With a wide variety of options you are sure to find the group that is perfect for you.



From the local coffee shop, to social networking sites, Internet gaming, country clubs or sports, we all have an innate desire to belong. Our desire is that everyone would find a small group of people to do life with, so that you would know and be known and love and be loved.  Small groups are the life of Grace Church.

We will be having small groups this Fall with a spiritual emphasis series entitled, "Rooted: How God Grows Us." 

Link to sign up will be posted once groups start back up in October. 



We have a dynamic and varied menu of Small Groups for you to grow in your relationships with God and people. There are groups to help you grow spiritually, learn the Bible, study a great devotional book, enrich your marriage, enjoy fellowship around a meal, ride bikes together, and much more. Which one is right for you? Well, that’s for you to decide. Take a moment to search for the group that is right for you and then jump in.


If you are interested in leading a small group at Grace Church and have never lead a group before, we have training for new leaders at the beginning of each semester. After that just fill out a few easy forms and you’ll be on your way! Please fill out and submit your Small Group Information Form.